Commercial Vehicle Bodybuilders

We are Commercial Vehicle Bodybuilders based in Durban.

Truck Bodies
Chassis Engineering

Construction & Mining

Underbody Hoist Tippers
Boxed Front Hoist Tippers
Sloped Front Hoist Tippers
Rock Dumpers
Water Tankers
Service Units


Chain Spillers
Roll Bins
Bottom Dumpers
Molasses Tankers
Skeletal Bodies
Grain Bodies
Livestock Bodies
Herbicide Trailers

Road Freight & Cargo

Flat Decks
Drop Sides
Panel Vans
Slatted/Meshed Box Bodies


Vacuum Tankers
Sewer Jetting Tankers
Sludge Busters

Custom Vehicle Body Building Assignments

Transpec has, over the past 20 years, produced almost every conceivable kind of body-building assignment. We service a wide range of industries making Transpec one of the most diverse transport manufacturers in South Africa.

Welcome to Transpec

Welcome to Transpec. We are Durban-based commercial vehicle bodybuilders, specialising in truck bodies, trailers and chassis engineering.

We have over the past 30 years, produced almost every conceivable kind of body building assignment. These assignments have ranged from load bodies, tippers and tankers to trailers, chassis modification and hydraulic installations.

We see ourselves as partners to the commercial vehicle dealers and thus our current goal is to improve our service by reducing the turnaround time for a vehicle to be bodied, as well as provide quality workmanship on every project. We strive to provide the best service possible, at all times.

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