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Chain Spillers

These units are used to transport bundled sugar cane to the mills and are designed with skeletal bunk uprights and spiller bars with chains for tipping the cane.

Key Features:

Roll Bins

These units are used to transport chopped sugar cane to the mills and are designed as enclosed bodies with spiller bars and chains or bottom chains and tipping A-frame for tipping the cane.

Key Features:

Bottom Dumpers

Our interlink bottom dumpers are volume tankers used to transport refined sugar and are designed with bottom sluice doors for offloading

Key Features:

Water Tanker Bodies

Our water tankers are designed for road construction, dust suppression or transporting drinking water. We offer a wide range of volumes suitable for rigid trucks, articulated trucks or semi-trailers.

Volume Range: 5000L - 32 000L

Key Features:

Molasses Tankers

These tankers are used to transport the by-product of the refinement of sugar – molasses. They are manufactured as tridem semi-trailers with cylindrical shells.

Volume Range: 25000L – 30000L

Key Features:

Skeletal Bodies

These bodies are used to transport timber logs and are designed with skeletal uprights made in either aluminium or DOMEX™. Uprights are spaced according to timber log lengths.

Key Features:

Grain Bodies

Grain bodies are traditionally high sided drop sides, or fixed side bodies with built in sluice gates for gravity discharge. These bodies can also be side tipping as an added feature.

Key Features:

Livestock Bodies

Our livestock bodies are slatted bodies used to transport chickens, cattle, sheep or pigs. We custom design our bodies and trailers according to our client’s needs.

Key Features:

Herbicide Trailers

These tractor drawn pup trailers are used to gravity spray pesticides on crops. The trailer has 2 tanks which separate the chemicals from the water and can be manually mixed.

Key Features: