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Underbody Hoist Tipper Bodies

These bins are primarily for light weight applications and are used for tipping materials such as sand and crusher. The underfloor hoist system can operate as an end tipping or side tipping bin and comes with a choice of drop sides or fixed sides.

Volume Range: 3m³ – 6m³

Key Features:

Boxed Front Hoist Tipper Bodies

The boxed front hoist range come in two bin designs, namely square and half round. The bins are suitable for medium to heavy duty applications. Designs are used for tipping general sand and stone as well as asphalt.

Volume Range: 6m³ – 18m³

Key Features:

Sloped Front Hoist Tipper Bodies

The bins are suitable for medium to heavy duty applications and are mounted to rigid trucks or manufactured as a semi-trailer. Designed to tip sand, stone and small rock. Two bin designs are offered, namely square and half round.

Volume Range: 10m³ – 125m³

Key Features:

Water Tanker Bodies

Our water tankers are designed for road construction, dust suppression or transporting drinking water. We offer a wide range of volumes suitable for rigid trucks, articulated trucks or semi-trailers.

Volume Range: 5000L - 32 000L

Key Features:

Service Units

Transpec specialises in designing and custom building all types of service bodies and equipment to meet customers’ requirements. These service units are mainly used in the mining industry whereby daily in-field maintenance is required on heavy plant equipment and vehicles. These units are also popular when your fleet is working remotely and it is uneconomical to return to the workshop.

Key Features: