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Fuel Tanks

We supply a variety of customised supplementary fuel tanks for freight carriers and truck tractors. Choose from one of our standard sizes.

Hydraulic Installations

We fit hydraulic systems for a variety of applications.

Tool Boxes

We manufacture customised steel tool boxes / storage boxes to suit any available space on trucks and trailers.

Electrical Installations

With on-site experienced auto electricians, we are able to perform any auto electrical conversion or installation.

Tow Hitches and Trailer Brake Conversion

We can fit a variety of tow hitches, and perform brake conversions for any application. All brake conversion comply to SANS 20013.

Hazchem Conversions

We convert truck tractors or rigid vehicles to hazchem spec, to be able to transport hazardous or dangerous goods.


With our on-site spray booths and colour tinting facilities, we are able to customise your vehicle bodies and cabs as well as trailers.

Bull Bars

Protect your cab with our range of steel bull bars.